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Mixed Martial Studio offers self defense training in the American martial art of Kajukenbo.

Kajukenbo is a simple and effective martial art. There are multiple styles of Kajukenbo and training styles between dojos can be very different. Mixed Martial Studio offers Traditional Hard Style Kajuknebo.

Each instructor in the Kajukenbo system is given autonomy to tailor the system to their community and Martial Arts interests. At Mixed Martial Studio the training focuses on partner work, self defense, sparring, body conditioning, internal arts and other methods of developing students into martial artists.

Class Information

  • Family Classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00PM to 7:30PM

  • Private Instruction is available - call for details

Contact Sigung Tom Elias @ 520.499.7537 for more information
Mixed Martial Studio Kajukenbo Lessons